Black Balloon Chords - The Kills

This is my first tab and i haven't played guitar for a long time so there are some 
Please let me know if there is anything i can correct to make it better. I love this song and 
wanted to learn it but i found the chord version a little difficult so i decided to make my own.


Am                        C
Elevator straight into my skull
Am                        C
the escalator rises as it falls
G                                 F
i swear our jet is crashing in my mind
G                                         Em?
you can hold on but i wouldn't waste your time


F                 Am
Farewell my black balloon
F                 Fmaj7?
Farewell my black balloon

Am                              C
I've stood in a thousand street scenes
Am                          C
just around the corner from you
G                               F
on the edge of a dream that you have
G                                          Em?
has anybody ever told you, it's not coming true?

F                 Am
Farewell my black balloon
F                 A
Farewell my black balloon

A             G             D                A
Ah ah ah ah - ah ah ah ah - ah ah ah ah ah - ah ah ah ah x2

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