Versuri The Lord Weird Slough Feg - The Wizards Vengeance

Album: The Lord Weird Slough Feg - Twilight Of The Idols

Underneath his boulder fortress
The Wizard plots the King's demise
Mixing potions, sifting powders,
Watching with his evil eyes
The body count has risen
From sorcery that he's performed
Experiments of bloody torture
Murderous plagues the people mourn

He sends the falcon hunting as he looks into the crystal
Sees lords and ladies dancing at the new kings celebration
He puts his fingers to his chin to plan his best surprise
Demonic brainstorms fill his thinking
Sitting in his chamber room
The king will die before morning
And he will step out from the gloom
Fifteen years proceeded slowly
The wizard lived his life alone
Lying many sleepless nights
He vowed that he'd posses the throne

Barring gifts he's riding from the forest to the castle
Standing there with open arms the king will drink the potion
He'll laugh and dance then find his sleep and die beneath the moon
The court is total chaos
The guards were summoned much too late

The Wizard stands before them chanting
In silence he decides their fate:
"I am the Wizard, wise and good and
I shall rule from this day on,
The King's untimely passing has left this throne I sit upon!"
"Do not defy my bidding for my magic has the power
To turn you into statues
If you meet with my displeasure,
You look at me as though
I'm mad but soon you shall be gone!"