Versuri The Lord Weird Slough Feg - Vargr Theme / Confrontation

Album: The Lord Weird Slough Feg - Traveller

With the merging of the races
In this lost society
We will claim the Spinward Marches
We will rule the galaxy
We are free!

Though they once were our creators
Now we curse Humanity
From the race manipulations
To this dark obscurity
We'll be free!

Cast out of a world, once we owned
Lust got in the way, race dethroned

From ancient major races
To the old Genetic Wars
Came the carnivores and chasers
Now they're scattered though the stars
Near and far!

Now the secret is discovered
To our lost identity
We will infiltrate the cosmos
Our generic prophesy
We'll be free!

Cast out of a world, once we owned
Once out in the fray, we'll be cloned

It's a God-given right
So we choose to defy you
The professor was right
It's a God-given right
Ceremonial gene-splicing
Into the master race

Under a Vargr moon fires still glistening
Back on the skywalks I'm not even listening

Cronor! Mora! Firgr! Glisten!

Bouncing off the stairs in the Querion Subsector
Armed and escaping this unholy vector I'm

Human! Vargr! Wretched! Doctor!

Into my body you've brought this disease
Master of adamite discoveries
Stronger than ever you thought I'd be

Now that you've forced me to live out your fantasies
I will deliver your test-tube and prophesy

Mutant! Hybrid! Canine! Biped!
Into your human blood, penance for all your sins
Now I'll give you a taste of your own medicine

Human! Vargr! Wretched! Doctor!

Stalking the world as this monstrosity
Mutated messenger, alien genes
Stronger than ever you thought I'd be

Of what can you accuse me?
Your anger test my patience
I did not wish this on you
Your madness is quite blatant

In all your anguish I can see you are an ideal patient
My work is not yet wasted, wait and see

My countenance disfigured
My human genes are latent
You brought this fate upon me
And all your work is wasted

In all this world I only wanted to be independent
Clearly your madness brought this curse on me
Wait and see!