Latchmere Chords - The Maccabees

Wow what a great song from a great band!!!!!
This is very very basic not even sure if it's 100% correct I was just fooling around 
and came up with this, I was amazed at how simple it was in terms of chords...Well the best 
generally are!!!!
If anyone could tab Bicyle rush it would be much appreciated!!!!

Verse and Bridge:

G                                           Am
   Swimming, Swimming, Swimming, Swimming, Swimming, Stay in your lanes

Etc Etc....From what I can hear its G to Am for the entire verse and Bridge but the 
has slower strumming...Listen to the song to get a better idea!


*one strum

D*          Am*       C*       G                     
  Latchmere's got a wave machine Ooh ooh ooh oohooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oohooh

G                     Am
  Ooh ooh ooh oohooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oohooh

The change at the end:

D         Am       C    G      Am   C
Stay, Just stay in your lanes

There we go not too sure about the change at the end but what the hey! Sorry  that there 
more lyrics but I really can't be bothered!
Ta from Matty boy Pug!

You can find the maccabees at