Growing Up Chords - The Maine

I love The Maine.Unfortunately they are not that famous in Germany.I didn't find 
any chords for this song in the internet so I just figured some out for myself. 
This is my first time ever doing this so if you have any suggestions or tips,leave me a message :

Have fun & enjoy the new song!

Capo 4th fret

Photograph, remembering the summer
It takes me back
To Southern California.

Where the girls would all pass
On the boardwalk and laugh
At our desperate attempts and our sunburned backs
We never had a chance, I remember that
And no matter what we do
We'll never lose what we had.

Growing up
Won't bring us down
Yeah, growing up
It won't bring us down
Growing up
Won't bring us down
Growing up
Won't bring us down.

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