Versuri The Monolith Deathcult - Origin

Album: The Monolith Deathcult - The White Crematorium 2.0

Risen from the seed of Enki
With consent of the God-father Anu
We are the working race
Created in the temples of SCH.RUPPAK

The Masters ride the midnight sky
In their lucent chariots of thunder
Those who behold the radiant face of the Gods
Died eyeless, scorched and ablaze

And God-slaves we are
Suffering in the mines of our Masters
We populate the fields of E.DIN
The base of the Gods from Nibiru-Phaëton

The days of Sodom are counted
Destroyers come down from the Phaëton realm
To devour the mutinous creatures of Enki
Unwilling to bow for the God-father Anu

The Lord was the blessed name they carried
Composed from the leeches of the Kosmos

The Gods must be slain
So mankind will be blessed with their wisdom
In the darkest depths of AB.ZU
With the vulpine Snake on our side
Ruler of the underworld of E.DIN
We conspire against our Masters
After the dismantling of the alien Gods
We become divine

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