Versuri The Monolith Deathcult - The Cruel Hunters

Album: The Monolith Deathcult - The White Crematorium 2.0

Husseini was loyal to the Fuhrer and a fanatical supporter of the endl?sung of the Jews
In the Mosque of Sarajevo he spread his ideas and called the Bosnians "The best of the Islam"
Hitler was amused by his useful hate and promised Husseini the Zionist purification of Palestine
The Mufti formed the divisions Skanderberg and Handzjar with 8000 SS-Muslim volunteers

Husseini and Himmler inspected the battalions of the loyal non-Aryan Muslim SS
Skanderberg and Handzjar stand quiver and straight to accomplish the Nazi-Jihad
The Caucasus plains coloured blood red, the Umma seems to be redeemed from the Jews
Driven by the Sharia, Islam-soldiers obey and hail to Allah and the Reich

Based at the general SS school in The Hague, recruits turned into the Waffen Mudjahedeen
The promise of lustful virgins in the palace of Martyrs made them Himmlers useful right hand
Handzjar shows the Umma-Reich a higher rank of cruelty in a bloodbath unique of it's kind
Mufti Husseini told them to write the Zion history in blood to satisfy Allah and the Islam

The Crescent Moon banner and the Swastika flag fought side by side
Even the Germans were shocked by their religious urge for bloodshed
Halal-Nazi terror swept in full force over the Balkan sands
Survivors of the pogroms were deported to the Polish death camps
In the name of Mein Kampf and the Qur'an they fulfil the disgusting order
To whitewash the Umma-Reich from the sons of Zion

Allah Akhbar
Beware of the Fourth Reich
It will come...

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