Versuri The Morningside - Insomnia

Album: The Morningside - Moving Crosscurrent of Time

So may be you won't hear
The call of carnival
Close your window
Turn off the light
Like a young boy out of fear
Running like the leaves
Down the sidewalk autumn night

So maybe you won't feel
The air is blowing cold
The dead don't fear
To take a chill
The autumn still is young
As you are growing old
With a turn of the furious wheel

The autumn is coming
Bringing sorrow and grey
The autumn is coming
Always here to stay
The wails of a lifetime
Are all gathered in it
The shadows are rustling
Can you feel yourself caught in this trap

Slumbers crawl
Like the river flow

Till the dreams will come
Wrap you up and arm
Like the autumn shade

The dark isn't far
Stay here as you are
Try not to think

You had to run
With a night like this
So the sadness could not hurt

Dream on

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