Versuri The Morningside - Moving Crosscurrent Of Time

Album: The Morningside - Moving Crosscurrent of Time

You'll never understand
You'll never come close
To seeing this place
Where clouds float by endlessly
With silent and morbid grace

A place only i can find
Where memories come alive
And nobody ever leaves
And nobody ever dies

You'll never come to realize
You won't find yourself there
Don't try the attempts will nothing amend
This place you could stay till the end

Disappear forever and never come back
Lost in the labyrinth of tracks
Where the wind makes yellow leaves dance
Where time is asleep locked in a trance

Where the dark alleys continue forever
And the treetops prop up the sky
The bottomless lakes the ghost inhabit
In the meadows lie

Where the moon shivers in torn clouds
Where bitter black wind torments lost souls
Turning the tide of time
Leaving them behind

Wind carries the leaves towards
The hole in the blackened sky
Over the treetops
Departs and is born anew

Raindrops splatter on the window
Of the room where you're asleep
In the deep end of your dream
You greet me as I'm coming back

In emptiness and utter devastation
The autumn people sprout forth
This secret place is my destination
Something i struggle towards

Where my memories come alive
Where my dreams of the past come true
Ages ago the forest was gold
And skies over my head were blue

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