Conversation 16 ver2 Chords - The National

Hi, I'm afraid I'm I've only figured out the verse chords and bridge chords so far, but
to get them out there anyway as I am completely in love with this song and wanted to
it with you. Hopefully someone can come up with the rest - or more likely have a 
improved version (I'm just a beginner so sorry if this isn't much good)...

Intro: Bm D Em A

                       Bm         D
I think the kids are in trouble
       Em                            A
Do not know what all the troubles are for
                       Bm         D
Give them ice for their fevers
       Em                            A
Youre the only thing I ever want anymore
                       Bm         D
Live on coffee and flowers
       Em                            A
Try not to worry what the weather will be
                            Bm         D
I figured out what were missing
               Em                            A
I tell you miserable things after you are asleep

          D                            G
Now well leave the silver city cause all the silver girls
D                 G
Gave us black dreams
D                            G
Leave the silver city cause all the silver girls
D                       D
Everything means everything

VERSE 2 (Same chords as verse 1)
It's a Hollywood summer
You never believe the s****y thoughts I think
Meet our friends out for dinner
When I said what I said I didnt mean anything
We belong in a movie
Try to hold it together til our friends are gone
We should swim in a fountain
Do not want to disappoint anyone


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