Wake Up Your Saints Tab - The National

 The National - Wake Up Your Saints

Tabbed by: b34r5


A little disclaimer- the chords sound better plucked than stummed, but this
song doesnt really lend itself so great to the guitar IMO. If you can make
it work, you're a better guitarist than me. The chords are *something like*
as follows:


[ch]E[/ch] [ch]G#m[/ch] [ch]C#m[/ch] [ch]B[/ch]

I had a hole in the middle
Where the lightning went through
I told my friends not to worry
My wife would know how to fix it
Hole in the middle
I'm seeing less of you
Now i'm not going anywhere
And I dont know what I'll do

It's easy to lose your grip
     [ch]C#m[/ch] [ch]G#[/ch]
It's easy


The verse chords are used in the build up bits (i.e. "So i walk...") and the
chorus chords for "wake up your saints..."

If you want to cheat and dont like bar chords, tune all your strings down
one fret and its just 'F Am Dm C' for the verse and 'Am C Dm A' for the
chorus- I keep my guitar tuned down a couple of steps so would tend to play
it this way, even though its cheating and takes the fun out of it I prefer
the sound. 

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