Versuri the OLD DEAD TREE - A Distant Light Was Shining

Album: the OLD DEAD TREE - The Water Fields

A distant light was shining
For all these years.
My life was pretty dark,
I had to live with my fears.

All this time it helped me to hold on.
But itas becoming useless
So I should let it down…

Take it off, burn it all, take the pain away!
Take that mask off your face, are your eyes made of
Take it off, burn it all, take the pain away!
Stop lying to yourself, you wonat face it today.

I finally broke down the walls of my prison,
Constantly exhausted for no good reason.
But I wonat complain or open my veins,
A better lifeas waiting, where Iam now

I never thought it could become obsolete so fast.
This decision was so hard to take, but I made it at
I know it took me so long,
I wasnat strong enough.
I know it took me so long,
To what life do I belong?

Youave never felt this taste:
It is much less sweet than the rest
But you cannot define it.

It fills your mouth and your mind,
It makes you feel like youare going blind.
You canat get rid of it by spitting…

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