Versuri the OLD DEAD TREE - Dive

Album: the OLD DEAD TREE - The Water Fields

Of course theyare anxious to help you,
But you donat know what to say to them.

Your parents come to your home,
They look for a way to save you from yourself…

But they feel as distraught as you are,
You were so strong youare now so far.

So far from who you were!
Youare no longer the man they knew,
Somethingas broken inside of you.

No one seems to realise
How low youave dived,
They all think that youare still far from
hitting the bottom.

When they look at you they just see
An empty shadow of the man you used to be.
And you can feel how disappointed they are,
Each one of their looks becomes a new scar.

And you dive, dive into the fields
Trying to escape from this unbearable pain;
Yes you dive, the water fills your lungs,
The mud blinds your eyes,
But here you can rest and try to forget.
All this pain that you feel
Is so old that you think
Itas a part of you.

So deep in the flesh sleeps the pain,
So much frustration, in your brain.
Nobody seems to understand
That their love kills you.
Please open your mouth and spit out the truth,
Let it be!

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