Versuri The Pavers - 1 To 10

Album: The Pavers - Local 1500

Well ain't that just f*****g peachy I just get turned 'round right.
And I'm turned around again.
I feel my skull getting itchy, keep me up all night.
Scratching again and counting to ten.

Sucking black hole in my stomach get no sustenance.
No way to fill it up.
It's got my soul on the run. Think it just ran down my pants.
Cause I don't really care if it ain't happening down there.
Oh god I'm horny again and counting to ten.

Life and survival ain't supposed to be rivals
But war's begun between food and fun.
I'm stuck in the middle with less than a little.
It's not enough, it winds me up.
Once again one to ten.

Well ain't that just f*****g ducks I finally found my niche.
My reason to exist.
On life's highway I work at the Stucky's wasting every dish.
It's a mystery no more. I'm king janitor.
Scrubbing again and counting to ten.

Well ain't that just f*****g precious I'm trying to look cute again.
Like when I was a boy.
Just what bizarre kind of message am I trying to send?
A boy among men, can't be as old as my friends.
I'm at the mirror again counting to ten.

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