Versuri The Pavers - Humiliation

Album: The Pavers - Local 1500

They got their white pine wooden boy. Yeah you're a puppet
dancing, dangling on the company line.
They find your hole. They make a fist and shove it up it.
They pulls your trigger and that suits you just fine.
'Cause you think you're high on high class white temptation.
Humiliation is what you're on.
No goal! (his foot was in the crease)

The devil painted lunatic, yeah ain't he dreamy?
A girl like you just got to stroke the wolf.
He locks you in that midnight gaze you get so creamy.
You think his wagging tongue is proof enough

That he wants to give you frilly soft sensations
Humiliation, that's all he's got.

You ain't losing nothing, Least that's what you think.
But when you bend over the fountain to drink
Your boss got a rocket, your man got a club.
Your dignity traded for money or love.

Once you've pissed it out can't drink it up again.
Once you're satisfied it's all humiliation.

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