Versuri The Pavers - No Laughing

Album: The Pavers - Local 1500

This conversation just turned again.
Why do we always end up talking about me and my lack of friends?
And I finally found a point to pink you down, and then
You duck you swerve you've struck a nerve again.

Don't tell me nothing I can't do without.
You say you're only trying to help me but I have my doubts.
Don't think you didn't yell at me just 'cause you didn't shout.
Yeah you're speaking softly but thinking awfully loud

And I'd love to be right, sometimes I almost am,
Except the ten million reasons and ways I don't understand.
Had the lack of sense to believe that I was doing alright.
Long day tomorrow, won't get no sleep tonight.

Remember, Once it's spoken it don't go away.
Though the anger hops a freight train the monsters always stay.
Tomorrow's empty feelings ride the insults of today.
Mouthful to earful be careful of what you say.

And I know I'm sorry but don't laugh at me.
I might even deserve it but please don't laugh at me.
See, I'm on the run from my father's son but he won't let me be.
You're leaving me no place to hide
From my reflection in his eyes.
He don't like me and I don't know why,
And I am haunted by my own life.
So please don't laugh at me.