Versuri The Pavers - Oscillator

Album: The Pavers - Local 1500

Faithlessness is the alien creature
In my drive in feature
It fills the screen when you invade my dreams.
But paranoia is my own decision,
I gave you the knife, but I made the incision.
I poured the salt.
Yeah, this is all my fault.

Can't let you know me. Can't let you fear me.
If you knew what I was thinking you would never come near me.
So step back, breathe deep
White pill, light sleep
If you truly knew me, you'd see I'm harmless
I am drifting in a rowboat I'm deaf, dumb, and armless.
I can't scream, I can't move
So I dream my own truths about you.

This mattress holds me. This blanket hides me.
The radio sings to the creature inside me.
The night is wet. Am I sleeping yet?
I don't think so 'cause I still miss you.
If I was asleep then the creature could kiss you.
No I'm still here, and you're nowhere near.
Do I think you love me? I can't be certain
As the headlights pass, your precious silhouette on the curtain.
Is this real? Are you here?
Do you feel my fear, my dear?