Versuri The Pavers - Peanut

Album: The Pavers - Local 1500

Thirty five thousand names in the
Name your baby book she picked the one most perfectly precious
To help Peanut keep every last promise her mommy had made.
"Peanut laugh, Peanut smile, no Peanut don't cry. It ain't adorable
Angels ain't Angels with snot nose and red running eyes."

Everyday of every year she'd get so much bigger
While mom and her man only shrank from the truth they had made
"Peanut, you're here to be my sweet accessory, to look so good on me
I know you're tired and hungry, but what about me?"

They beat her stride by at least a foot and a half.
"For Christ sake Peanut, keep up."

Every day, twice a day, they'd walk past my window.
They smoke and they chat and drag their pink baby fat ball and chain.
"Not today not today, no never today. You should know by now.
When people who like me are waiting, kid, it ain't your day."

They beat her stride at least a foot and a half.
"For Christ sake Peanut, keep up.
"Cause I can't let you be why I don't have,
Don't have nearly enough of all life's sparkly stuff.
For Christ sake Peanut, keep up.

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