Versuri The Pavers - The Trees

Album: The Pavers - Local 1500

They can't hear the rumbling voice of history
Say give your babies a kiss for me
Because they have led the devil to your door.

Rosie woke up; she pored coffee in her cup.
The black glue to stick to a morning on a night that got away.
Lipsticked collagen, half a dozen aspirin.
Another perfect head atop another perfect day.
She don't believe that's too much to ask
For a trip back to high school if she got the cash
She says "time is money and money is me,
And I'll take a couple decades of the best I'll ever be."

They're so g*****n proud that they're such animals
But, they don't know that they're cannibals
And that's why they'll end up gnawing on themselves.

William is a wizard, his magic touch
Turns more than anyone could use to nowhere near enough.
A billion golden blessings ride the wire to his door
Too many reasons to be happy leave a fellow wanting more.
That's why he bought the Puget Sound from under mother earth
"Cause microchips and satellites make more than God is worth.
So you tap your keyboard and you pet your mouse,
And know that you are not alone 'cause William's in your house.

And the temperature of the ocean goes up by two degrees
While they patch the fractured sky with suntan lotion
And tell everyone to stay beneath the trees.

The general is pissed. He shakes his fist
At the wind up from the west that blows the desert in his eyes
Generals with chemicals and hordes of angry radicals
Frighten other generals who rain down from the skies
Meanwhile all of Hollywood pays William their respect
As the latest great philanthropist because he wrote a check
And Rosie calls her agent wants to host the whole affair.
Says, ""Tell 'em I do real tears so put me on the air."

Ignorance is bliss, but the consequence is
When even water burns there won't be time for them to turn
And see if anyone is close enough to kiss them bye bye.