Message In A Bottle (ver2) Bass Tab - The Police

This is my interpretation of this song--probably a bit fuzzy, but you can always check 
if this tab doesn't suit you...

verse: only come in after the guitar has played it 2 times

G|----------------|   repeat 8 times

Chorus: part A

G|-----------------|  repeat 2 times

part B1                                      -B2
G|----------------|  repeat 2 times-then...  G|------------------|
D|44444447-------7|                   once   D|44444447------4*--|
A|--------5555555-|                          A|--------555555----|
E|----------------|                          E|------------------|

part C
                                                   hold for 8 counts
G|---------------------| repeat 3 times-to... G|---|
D|---------------------|                      D|---|
A|4--4--4---4----------|                      A|---|
E|-----------5-5-5-4---|                      E|2*-|

repeat the verse 6 times, holding 4th fret A string for the first 2 where its only the guitar

repeat chorus parts A and B the same way as before

repeat part C 7 times, holding like before as well

play verse 8 times, not waiting for guitar, but playing with it

play chorus [all parts] same way as last time

The outro [including guitar solos] is the same as the verse

wait 4 times around before starting

play it 19 times, and for the 20th, play...

G|----------------|  hold for 8, or until song fades

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