The Project Hate MCMXCIX Chords & Tabs

Country: Sweden Label: VIC Records Website: Formed in: 1998 1998- Industrial Death metal Line-up Current members: 1998-  Lord K. Philipson - guitars, keyboards, programming   1998-  Jörgen Sandström - vocals   2002-  Jo Enckell - vocals   2005-  Michael Håkansson - bass   2007- ......Biografie The Project Hate MCMXCIX

I Smell Like Jesus Dead Tab

Symphony Of The Deceived Tab

The Bleeding Eyes Of A Breeding Whore Tab

At The Entrance Of Hells Unholy Fire Tab

Congregate Tab

Arise To His World Of Infamy Tab

Godslaughtering Murder Machine Tab

Resurrected For Massive Torture Tab

See The Filth Become Flames In This Furnace Tab

The Lustrate Process Solo Tab

I See Nothing But Flesh Tab

You Come To Me Through Hell Tab

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