Versuri the PROPHECY - Silent Descent

Album: the PROPHECY - To End All Hope

Drowning in a lake of blood
No words escape my lips
Defiled is the sacred place
Now I pay for my sins

Feeling uneasy, on a tumultuous night,
Bodes not well for she is coming.

Death has come to take me down
Icy finger claw my back
Witness my silent descent
For fate says you might be next

A Dark Assassin, acolyte of pain
Leave me be, temptress of pure.

Away with your vile potion of death,
Leave me in peace, Priestess of Seth.
I will wander the Stygian sea,
Remain in exile for all eternity

A world filled with tortured malice
Cold and empty, purged of solace
Bereft of sorrow, riven of tears
Hope abandoned, axiom clear!

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