Uncertain Times Chords - The Raveonettes

Artist: The Raveonettes 
Album: Pretty in Black Song:
Tab By R.stein 
Uncertain times 

Standard tuning EADGBe
Capo 1st fret

C                                G
Too many faded years and I cant hold her

F                             G
So many strange up times have come my way

C                               G
Too many teardrops yeah I dont get it

F                            G
Life moves on if you want it to

C                                     G
Too many times Ive felt my heart was broken

F                               G
Wasting time on someone I dont get

C                                   G
But Ive found someone who makes me better

F                                    G
Yeah Ive found someone who makes me go

C                                  G
I wanna ride with her in uncertain times

F                                       G
I wanna go where my thoughts can take a nap

C                                  G
And if the atom bomb should end us both

F                                     G
Ill be happy to go to the stars with you