Stays Four The Same Chords - The Ready Set

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::Intro:  F#      Ebm      (arpeggios) 

::Verse Progression:    F# - C# - B - C#

::Verse 1 with Lyrics:

            F#                                               C#
I could've wrote down every thought i've been thinking to myself all this
                       B                         C#
past year. I would've said in doubt "Oh, I wanna make myself clear."
            F#                                C#               (C passing)
And baby - clearly I need some balance in my ears right now 'Cause I've been
   B                               C#
freaking myself out and I've been waking this whole town.

::Pre-Chorus Progression:  Ebm - C# - B - C#

::Pre-Chorus with Lyrics:

             Ebm           C#       B                   C#            
And then I turned myself inside out la da da da da And it's all about 
     Ebm                C#             B                      C#       
the way your hips move Side to side, Left to right, Guide me home tonight.

::Chorus Progression:  F# - C# - Ebm - B

::Chorus 1 with Lyrics:

    F#                      C#                         (D passing)     Ebm                     
And I need a little more thunder, a little more lightning. A little more you,
Be my lantern. Help me shine on through.

::Verse 2::


::Chorus x 2 (for additional lyrics)::

::Bridge 1 Progression:   F# - B - C# - [Ebm C#]  

::Bridge 1 with Lyrics:

Speed it up like sugar, I'm a wreck and you know that I can't do a thing 
  B                   C#
about it (about it). Break it down, I'm on my knees, Baby take another 
                    Ebm                                       C#
chance, oh please. I'm affordable, I'm trainable When you're taking me out, 

I'm taking you in.

::Bridge 2 Progression:  Ebm - (C# passsing) - B   - (C# passsing)

::Bridge 2 with Lyrics: 

         Ebm   (C# passsing)     B                (C# passsing)     Ebm
I gotta migrate a catastrophe. Stood strong, It was the best for me. My town
 (C# passsing)     B                      C#         Ebm
is irrela-relavant. Blue eyes match green lies. Yeah!

::Chorus x 4::