Versuri The Red Chord - Intelligence Has Been Compromised

Album: The Red Chord - Prey For Eyes

Erupting turning into scales.
The creature emerges-- the face lost in shed & blood.
But if it bleeds, then it can die and at least we'll both be suffering.
So is this where it ends? Or where it begins? Our hero's fate....
Tune in next week.
Nail biting, creature feature.
You bought the seat but all you need is the edge.
Watch out.
It can swallow you whole.
So is this where it ends or where it begins.
Doc, I've got a fever.
Why wont you tell it to me straight? Every strike deadly.
Tell me how bad it is.
Will you amputate? I will never be what you stand for.
Fighting for what is right.
I wont let it be freed.
Is this where it ends or it begins? You decide.
DO you want to take it on?
If I'm so bad then why dont you f*****g do it?
I will never end it.
You were changing things just for the sake of change.
I wont let it bring me to my knees.
And if it with my dying breath, I will never give in to this.
And that will never change.

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