Versuri The Rocket Summer - Move To The Other Side Of The Block

Album: The Rocket Summer - Hello, Good Friend

So we try and try all of our lives
Working with such pride, making cash just to survive
As we race and grade and judge always
other folks mistakes makes us good to feel that way.

And don't you know, it never stops.
Try to please the world and beat the ticking clocks,
but I, I'm not letting it happen this time.

No, no, because they're rooting I'll fail, and rooting she'll bail,
they feel so secure when I'm in this jail, but I,
I'm not letting it happen this time

So I'll move to the other side of the block
so we wont ever have to stop
making the rounds, having the laughs
singing the sounds of relaxing,
and on the other side of the clock
the power switch will be turned off
and all will be well and time will stand still,
and I will be locked out from my jail.

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