Versuri The Roots - Intro/There's Something Goin' On

Album: The Roots - Do You Want More?!!!??!


[Intro: ludacris]
Ooooh you feel that as i take you to them dirt roads deep in your southern roots 
When nobody said life was going to be easy and we travel to this emotional roller coaster called life 
And we have our ups and downs 
Just keep in mind 
When you hit rock bottom 
There aint no where to go but up baby 
Just all you about how you deal wit it you feel me.. listen here 

When life seems hopeless 
It make a n***a lose focus 
Empty beer bottles and roaches, helps to get it off my chest cause 
Im so stressed and all i here is "f**k tha world" [2x]

[verse 1: ludacris]
Man ever since life been a gamble 
My life been in shamblez 
Double edge sword burnin both sides of the candle but cris but you cant handle the truth 
Dont wanna face reailty 
So lord accept my apology 
Please like when police say freeze 
And i aint do s**t 
But im down on my knees 
Its a crooked system but gin straight take the pain away i charge the game 
And put my problems on layaway 
A black man but i feel so blue 
So i smoke green and purple til my dreams come true 
Then my eyes turn red 
Sky turns grey 
Children slangin white in the hood 
We call it yaay drink old gold 
Down my yellow brick road 
Then rewrite my script til my story is untold 
See i got a little money and my life sped up now 
Im fallin and i cant get up

[chorus 2x]

[verse 2: trick daddy]
I had to dream about a dope fiend 
And its strange cause he can bearly write or read but seems to get folkz about anything curious about him 
I wanted to talk to him but he was to busy fo that 
But i was more then welcome to walk with him 
As we walked 
He talked and i just listen 
He said theres a big differnce between crackas and niggas 
See he said white folks look out fo the white folks but uh black folks blang wit tha black folks 
When they aint enough black roakz 
When you ooh to make a long story short 
We need pay more attenion and do things that are more compleset and he told me 
You kno i woulldnt say something that wouldnt work and i wouldnt damnwaste my time telling something that would hurt you 
But you would fall for anything 
If you dont stand for something 
But thats for certain but niggas dont be listen and that s**t be hurting 
No all of us but some of us 
And if we dont hurry up 
They going to bury each and every one of us 
And if we dont hurry up 

[chorus repeat 2x w/ trick daddy]

[verse 3: ludacris]
Sometimes i cant deal wit my daily issues 
Just being sober lifes a b***h and i cant control her 
I wish i could and sometimes to cry on 
We need a shoulder 
The goverment stand us up 
To run us over 
And in the hood they dont seem to understand 
God damn whats really got me wondering 
Is if its a part of a bigger plan man 
I smell some thing fishy goin on and its way beyond blowin away the smoke from these swisher 
Goin on it aint much i can do about it but preach the word of telling my people to spend ya money wisely dont be obcared
By some things that depresiated like what like a home to open ya eyes to 
Whats the f***s thats goings on cause the constantly getting rid of us one by one wither its drugs or diesase or gun by
Gun i aint no saint either i feel that im even doing wrong by usein this chorus to get thru this song

[chorus repeat 2x w/ trick daddy]

[outro: trick daddy]
You know yall going to mess around and complain about slavery that was over 40 50 years ago black folks need to move on
Yall keep playin wit a crackerthey going to have yo a*s tied up wired up to them back roads south florida and they made
Them laws say they cant do anything for you can a church get a amen and god for the thugs.

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