Versuri The Showdown - Dagon Undone (The Reconing)

Album: The Showdown - A Chorus Of Obliteration

Born of barren womb deliverance burns, burns in his veins
Foretold and set apart marked by ascension in flames
Come upon in power to dismember the devourer
To avenge to ignite to destroy the name of Israel's plight

Relentless the attack
Splitter of skulls, breaker of backs
In heaps the armies lie
His vengeance quenched, one thousand die

No rope may bind me
No man subdues me now
Wave after wave of swords
My weakness yet unfound

Powerless my foes
Bone crushes bone one after one
Limitless my wrath
Now by my reckoning struck down
Pray to Dagon be delivered
Chain me to his temple pillars
God of Israel grant me one last strength
To bring it to the ground

Betrayed by her whom I love
Bound now and broken
Gouged out my eyes
Hear me oh God