Versuri The Showdown - Forget My Name

Album: The Showdown - Temptation Come My Way

Gone like a bullet
Im burnin quick and clean
Ride like an outlaw and like a king
Living electric
It makes a man outta me
Im comin loose and Im cutting your strings
The black hearted
Had better stay clear of me
Ill drop the whole sorry place to its knees
I gotta get out
This town was never for me
I wanna walk like a man and die free
Oh its cocked and loaded and its comin for me
Got me runnin, runnin
So give me two or three steps mister and Ill be
Long gone

Forget my name
That aint my face
I aint come back and I cant come down
To that same old place in that lonely town
Forget my name
Just aint my day
I aint coming back and I cant come down
Cant keep my head in the sand
With my feet on the ground

One in the chamber
And two in the clip
Do what I have to die on my feet
Im clearing leather
White knuckled the grip
My resolve just as hard as my steel
Stare down the barrel
A steady grip at the end
Clear me a path or youll be my next meal
My name is deadly
But you can call me the breeze
Shakin dust, dont want you on my heel

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