Versuri The Showdown - From The Mouth Of Gath Comes Terror

Album: The Showdown - A Chorus Of Obliteration

Too long have you cast a shadow
On the fields of the battle worn
Your existence is a mockery of all we've fought and died for
Cower behind your Juggernaut
This day he dies by my hand
Behold his legendary might brought low by pride

Cry war, cry hate
Step forward then to die
Cry death, cry defeat
Meet the wrath of God defied

Your armor, your shield, your sword will not avail you
This battlefield will be your grave
The bane of Gath whose swords wrought terror in our hearts
For God and country we will slay
One shot ends this war

Fall! The earth now greets your end
Rise! And take back hard won ground
Fall! By faith and stone laid down
Fall! Our heavy hearts now beat as those of heroes
You're pushin' up daisies baby

You were married to your destruction
Tonight you shall wake up dead
And when the morning finds you
You will be no more

Stand, fight, the city is ours!

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