Versuri The Showdown - Give Us This Day

Album: The Showdown - A Chorus Of Obliteration

[European Bonus Track]

Awake the sleeping giant
Laid to rest this world
Be baptized in justice let fall your hand
A race born to failure
Delivered Armageddon in the womb
Snakes round all our necks we suffocate in truth

This is a call to the end of times
Make haste deliver us our fate
We tire of this place its snakes its charms its whores
Death rattles come bring us destruction

Virus rot creation
We the waking plague
Destroyer usurpers
Give us this day
To rape burn and plunder
To spit in the face of what we embraced
Give us justice give us hell for we await

Bring us total annihilation
Bring us total obliteration

Bring snakes
Bring plagues
Bring drought
Bring boils
Disease and war
Bring floods to our doors