Versuri The Showdown - Head Down

Album: The Showdown - Temptation Come My Way

Lovesick and lost and cold and lonely
With a gutful of nothing
And Im long since past my limit
But my fuse is just a string
Friend youve shown my ever lonely
Trapped and pinned beneath your wing
Fear that takes the heart and shake
And now its left its hooks in me

Lay my head down
Breathe the dream of darkness on its way
But Im not afraid
Put my head down just believe the scars were worth the pain
Cause Im not afraid

Life and love and ever after
All Id say and all Id sing
Wash it down and starve it back
To sleep tonight and not to dream
Death and taxes forth and back
We go from sin to deadly sin
And I dont know what the attraction is
But I dont see and end

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