Versuri The Subtle Way - Skies

Album: The Subtle Way - Against Our Own Retreat

We walked across the sand
Two trails with tails to tell
And our footprints kept our track
Until there were only two
One pair of prints pronounced one presence
Did you watch me from the heavens?

I asked why…
Why did you, why did you ascend alone
Could I make, could I make it on my own
You replied,
I’d never leave you, never leave you
I love you
I carried you

We flashed across the sky
Each step one day one night
But if I held on tight
Would you take me with you?
The ocean seemed to widen
From shoreline to shoreline
And I knew…

That I’d never have to lean against the wind
And I’d never have to be alone again

My eyes won’t fail against the wraiths
My nerves could crush tectonic faith
My breath will null harmonic waves
I’ve found my way.