Versuri The Subtle Way - The Guard

Album: The Subtle Way - Until We Have Faces

Find the guard
If only she will show her teeth
To their growl
To their roar
To her charge
She flies to what’s become of me
Breathe deep

With my bronze chest
Through my iron veil
I bid no relief
Pray you find her wings
I am at her feet
She is my guard
The candle to my cheek

She flies to me
With her golden locks
And a sharpened sword she’ll never sheathe

But we are face-down
And we still refuse to show our teeth
And she still returns to me

Can I bury my blade as deep as she?

Dare you not show your teeth?
For our arms have turned to wax
And they are melting fast, (fast)
Will I stand beside my guard?

Oh now I have learned
To protect my dear left shoulder

From beside my guard
I feel so much more
I can see the tempters marching
And I can hear their roar
Oh how meek a sound they make
Once we learn to listen
With unsewn ears,
And tangle fears out of the equation
Running back from everything
Just to warn, their swords are feathers
And of their tethered strings

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