Versuri The Subtle Way - The Procedure

Album: The Subtle Way - Until We Have Faces

I felt the softest protoplasmic kiss to grace my ear
A futile synapse bypassed-blockaded the neurons faded
Follow close but not much closer
And listen close, oh listen close sir
Your eyes and ears are tainted gears that turn away from every worm

So lock the doors and shut the windows
What we say here stays here
Oh if only I had known
Looking back on every corner I cut
I would have bore the larger load
I would have walked the longer road
Like I said
What we say here stays here

I can taste the coldest chemical omens that the worms carved to my tongue
With such poise and I am poisoned
It won’t be long
With such a touch as theirs it’s bound to break the skin
So listen close my dear, these walls are paper thin

These walls are paper thin/And if you scream you’ll give us away
Through the walls and every orifice and every corner of the skin
Hold your breath and clench your fists because the worms are ready to begin

When you know that, to look back
Would mean a thousand wounds
You’ll know your right on track
And once your eyes, have fought back
Those rebels in the dark
You’ve lost the stars

But once your wounds fill in
And once your blood can thin…

Stronger with strong words
And bolder than boulders
Our might is unclear
So watch what you say here.

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