Versuri The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - There's A Time And Place For Everything

Album: The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events

So, it's time once again to say goodbye
And all this come to an end
One more night,
Then we put our lives on hold;
And who knows how this story unfolds.
But I'll be there for you,
If you'll be strong for me.
And I'll think of you,
If you remember me.
So, I guess this is our fairytale
We know it all too well
This must be our fairytale.
We know it all too well.
The stars in the sky,
They remind me of your eyes,
And that's all that I have left now.
So, let the East Coast scream out
Her name from sunset.
Tonight, I'll fade away,
Don't bring the day.
Leave these stars that shine,
They are mine
And that's all I have left.
They are mine.
I will remember you,
If you think of me.
And I will scream for you
Because I hear you scream for me

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