Columbo Tab - The Verve

     Columbo - The Verve
Tabbed by: burvily

Tuning: standard



[ch]Em[/ch]           [ch]Dsus2[/ch]        [ch]C[/ch]         [ch]Asus2[/ch]
Baby why you wasting time crying,
[ch]Em[/ch]           [ch]Dsus2[/ch]         [ch]C[/ch]        [ch]Asus2[/ch]
like its the only thing to do

baby don't you worry you're still crying
your instincts is all you've got in you

baby don't you worry your still crying
I can see the sadness in your eyes
baby why you wasting time crying
gotta find out the reasons why

baby don't believe it when they see it
love is just a feeling that you give
you're the universe again that i need
tell me all your secrets that I'll forgive.

ohhh yeah yeah
ohhh yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Just watch the lights go down over this town.
What makes me down while I swim around
Watch the city boys weep full of cluster
Take it easy but you just keep digging yourself, you're stuck.