Versuri The Vision Bleak - Horror Of Antarctica

Album: The Vision Bleak - The Deathship Has A New Captain

Within the shadow of the arctic mounts of ice,
night had veiled the pole and darkness filled the sky.
The air was so cold - cutting our skin,

Freezing voices called us and the
winter winds did sing:
"Tekeli-li, Tekeli-li" through the night...

What ghoulish creatures brought 'em forth?
What sphere had opened wide?

"Tekeli-li, Tekeli-li" sounding through the air...

Where it did lead us to, no mortal
man should dare.
Right before our eyes of monolithic size,
one labyrinth of cities - draped in moonlight - did arise

"Tekeli-li, Tekeli-li" through the night...
leading to the icy ruins
a long forbidden site...

"Tekeli-li, Tekeli-li" through the night...

Build by horror creatures
from beyond our spheres of light...