Versuri The Wonder Years - I Fell In Love With A Ninja Master

Album: The Wonder Years - Get Stoked On It!

With a smoke bomb you're gone and I'm alone. I'm waiting for you to get home, tired of sitting here with the swords you own. I'm starting
to worry about you. Your skin is always black and blue. You can't defend this city all alone, its true. I'm forced away (its nunchucks to
the face). I'm missing your warm but deadly embrace. I can't make out the shape of your face. You've masked it with all your honor and
grace. Let's not say you broke my heart. You pierced it with a throwing star. It was an accident. I know your aim is off. Jump kicks are
getting hard to miss. All I wanted was a kiss. It's getting really hard to live like this. You've been throwing stars at my heart and now
we've come this far. I should have seen it from the start. I see that it's finally time to part. You f****d me up with your poison dart. I
shoulda seen it from the f*****g start.