Versuri The Wonder Years - Keystone State Dude-Core

Album: The Wonder Years - Get Stoked On It!

We know the way that s**t gets sometimes with bank accounts empty and gas prices too high. We're pushing the van up snowy inclines and
dancing with cops on the Virginia road side. We're banned for life from Ft. Eustis. It doesn't make a difference. The sound guy here's got
s**t against us. We came here to do this. We're six dudes from the keystone state. We're broke as f**k, but we can't complain. We haven't
showered in at least four days. This s**t's a bust but we'll get stoked on it. In Small-Town PA, we're busting meth labs and drive-by
assaulting people in Spanish. ?Donde esta la cave? We're passing out on the couch in Long Island. Through s****y flights and homeless
nights we stay tight, cause we're just: (Crashed the van four times in England, made fun of kids with stupid accents, partied on the
streets of London.)