Versuri The Wonder Years - Lets Moshercise!!!

Album: The Wonder Years - Get Stoked On It!

So, let's spin kick our ways to better bodies, stage dive our way to awesome abs. Let's windmill our way to buffer biceps and mosh the fat
out of our a*s, so we say "let's lose that extra weight," and today, we'll mosh the pounds away. Get up and dance. If you feel like a
b***h while you're doing pilates, a low-card diet doesn't work. If riding your bike's been getting you nowhere and eating salad makes it
worse, then we say, yo, let's turn up the bass. Every Friday night, we're losing the weight and in this tiny hall we mosh the pounds away.
If you listen up, you can hear us say, "Get up and dance." So we say, put down that slice of cake.