Versuri The Wonder Years - We Were Giants

Album: The Wonder Years - Get Stoked On It!

We're dead soon if I don't save you. An asteroid's coming to wipe out the species and, who's with me? We'll die trying, do anything to
save our families. My wife says, "Please, don't go. We need you at home. You know how the kids get." So, Gentlemen, say goodbye to your
families first. We've got one last shot before a meteor crushes the earth. If we arrive at the ice age first we sing, "tell my mother I'm
never coming home." Circumvent the problem with charts and graphs on the nature of impact. Life and death are just words when our hearts
are set on being victorious. Let's move men, we've got a plan and miles to go before the sun sets. We stand so tall. We live above this
world. We are so f*****g invincible. So line up and prepare your tails, men. On my word, swing in unison because here it is. We're oh so
easily amused by everything we though we know but oh, my God it's too late. We're blow away. We were giants up until today.

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