Versuri The Wonder Years - What If We [Swam] Into Nothing?

Album: The Wonder Years - Get Stoked On It!

We fell asleep last night watching TV and the images worked their way into my dreams. We were watching turtles climbing the beach. The way
she's looking at him is how you're looking at me. So if you miss me, or you get lonely, then you can swim back to me and I'll be watching
the sea for when you dance over the breakers and waltz up the beach. Swim back to me, cause you've been gone since spring. You know that
we can't breath alone in the Gulf Stream. It's you with those sleepy eyes and heart-shaped shell that keep me awake at night. So, meet me
in the shallows off of Cozumel. We'll live our lives covered by moonlight. Maybe we were brought together by the ebb tide. It pulled the
world beneath me and left you by my side. What if we swam into nothing? At least you'd still be beside me.

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