Versuri The Wonder Years - Zombies Are The New Black

Album: The Wonder Years - Get Stoked On It!

You think you're safe but we know what there is to be afraid of, so keep watching your back with a bat in your hands because they want you
to be dead like them. They'll break down your door and walk in your house. They'll take your family hostage. Then they'll hold you down
and open your skull. They'll eat your brains for breakfast. Why are we so blind? Why can't we see, that they are all the enemy? Why are we
so blind? Why cant we see, we have to kill them all to be free? So, I am arming myself with chainsaws and billy clubs. (To f**k you up).
I'm barricading my house to save all the people and things that I love. I will stand alone (we can't make it on our own). We will fight
here today (we'll keep all of them away). We'll cut off their heads (they'd die if they weren't dead). It's not a game, no they can't
stay, no they can't stay. I never thought of it that way. I guess that they could be coming for me. To think, all this time in school just
gave them more to eat. I heard they're rabid. I heard that they're insane. I heard they're Godless killing machines. I heard they're
ready. I heard that they're coming. I heard we've got to fight to keep our brains.