Versuri Theatres des Vampires - Lady In Black

Album: Theatres des Vampires - Nightbreed Of Macabria

[Music: Robert / Fabian / Alexander - Lyrics: Alexander]

On the hill of the ancient oak, she lives in the house of the crying eyes
Dismal lullaby tales of her life, blood.. pain.. lust & perversion

You can see her with her dark veil as she walks in the bewitched wood
The wolves sings when she'd pass, earth bleeds under her foot

"Lady in black... Lady in black.. Witch's eyes.... pale face.. Lady in black... Lady in black... nails like blades......"

"Come to me child.... my black heart awaits your innocent soul......"
The blind monk prays under the crucifix of bones, the undertaker polishes his shovel

Close the door... close the windows
Leave out the fear and the dark 'cause she has come to bring suffering and death

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