Versuri Theatres des Vampires - Lucretia

Album: Theatres des Vampires - VampyrAsme...

Tears are falling on my face
Tears are falling without her

I still taste her sweet scent, the rain follow my steps
I'm alone along her grave


Tears are falling on my mouth
Tears are falling on my skin
Tears are falling on my hands
Tears are falling on her grave

"My beloved, I'm goin' away
'cause Silence of darkness is strangling me
There's no breath here, no shining land
Just rain, just pain and me,
My hands are bleeding, I miss your touch,
I miss your love, I miss you"

I walk among the graves
The moon caresses the old marble of death
Faded flowers, dismal wind inside my soul
My heart is crying tears of blood...

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