Versuri Theatres des Vampires - Oath Of Supremacy

Album: Theatres des Vampires - The (Un)Official History (1993 - 2003)

[Some words from "The confession of faith"]
[Some words from "Visions", William Blake]

[Part 1 :]
Under the shadow of the goata I live !
We hate the holy things. We are bloody vampires
In search of victims
We are like Goda we are God !

[Part 2 :]
Oh horned God, infernal horde
Help us in our mission of blood
I'm eternal, king of destruction & misery

Blood shaded on your body
You feel a shiver of terror
In the desecrate church
Under the sign of Evila he comes baptized
I baptize you in the name of Satan

"De causa peccati docent, quod, tametsi Deus creat et conservat naturam,
Tamen causa peccati est volontas malorum, videlicet diaboli et impiorum, quae,
Non adiuvante Deo, avertit se a Deo, sicut Christus ait Ioh,
Cum loquitur mendacium, ex se ipso loquitur."

Impurea forwarded on the world
To carry Evila spokesman of Evil
And unholy glorification !
Oath of supremacy

"In happy copulation,
Drawn the pleasures of this born joy.
The moment of desire ! The moment of desire ! The virgin
That pines for man shall awaken her womb to enormous joy !
On his stormy bed
Lay the faint maid, and soon her woes appall'd his thunders hoarse."

I want an unholy passion, an enchantment of blood !

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