To Mega Therion Tab - Therion

                         THERION - TO MEGA THERION
                         From the Album THELI
                         Copyright 1997 Nuclear Blast
                             Version 2.1 - 1997

Transcribed by: RICHARD BROADHEAD II()
For Questions, Comments, Corrections, or Newest Version; 
               please contact Rich Broadhead at 

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~  - vibrato                     /  - slide up to note
h  - hammer on                     - slide down to note
p  - pull off                    bhr- bend string half step and release
.  - palm mute                   bf - bend string full step
ph - pinched harmonic            "  - tremolo note

* was kind enough to let me copy a couple riffs of this song
 to make a partial version for you.  To have the full version, you must
 get CHAOS THEORY magazine.  To order CHAOS THEORY magazine, simply go to

*Note - Because there are certain parts of this song ommitted, I have
        written what time the riffs are played in the song.  For example,
        Riff A starts at 0:00 seconds into the song, and ends 16 seconds
        into the song.  Riff B starts 16 seconds into the song and ends
        at 44 seconds into the song. These Times are approximate, since
        some CD Players are a couple seconds faster then others.


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