Stormy Pinkness Chords - They Might Be Giants

Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: Stormy Pinkness
Album: Itstanbul (Not Constantenople) (Ep)

Intro: ( D  F#m  C  Em )

  D         F#m      C        Em
     Stormy pinkness;   Human weakness
D        F#m                 C   Em
Fills my johnny cup with gloom
D       F#m      C        Em
Your progression my digression
D       F#m             C   D7
Forty days this afternoon

G                         F#m            
  The things we cherish are small indeed
G                F#m
So much the larger the need
D           F#m     
     Stormy pinkness
C                       Em
     Set me thanklessly free

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