Farther Chords - Third Eye Blind

  G                             Em           C
  Nothing much matters to me so I don't see why I should hold so tightly to 
    G                           Em--C                                 
  a memory that I can't speak of---- I think about it nightly how you 
    G                     Em---C
  opened up your life for me--- Why are you still lonely? Though 
      G                           Em                            
  I'm not the type who begs,I'm thinking how you'd open up your  
   C,             C(MUTE)             G          Em      C       
  legs... And I'm Farther from you everyday... Alright, yeah.   
    C                    G       Em          C            G
  Farther from you everyday. F-f-farther. Alright. And a woman talking  
              Em                             C
  to herself gathers up the s**t she couldn't sell. Chances don't bode 
                      G                      Em             C 
  well tomorrow and talking to myself pass by- I miss you. But not the 
                                                     G       Em
  face you make, like when you found me out for the fake I am-- so easily 
           C                                           G                Em
  you see through me. What do you do to me to make me treat you do bad?   
                             C                    C(MUTE)               G
  I keep hoping that you'll speak to me. But I'm farther from you everyday
   Em      C                                         G             
  yeah. Oh yeah... Farther from you everyday (all I care about is waiting 
                Em                    C                         Em  
  and all the people we are fading into. Farther from you everyday. Oh oh oh 
  C                          A                           G            Em
  oh there was a sound in you but I don't know how it goes. Yeah yeah. There 
                  G            A                        G             Em
  was something we went through that blew in from the coast. Yeah yeah. You  
                G Em             G C                 D
  are of the earth. I am of the sky. I don't even know what the hell that 
  means (G, Em, C Times 2)**Farther from you everyday (all I care about is 
                        Em                    C
  waiting and all the people we are fading into. Farther from you everyday. 
             G                                Em                       C
  (I Don't care about you dying years from now, having known who you are.)** 
   You can repeat as much as you want in the are of the 2 stars (**) This was
my first tab ever and I've only been playing guitar for a couple weeks so sorry
if it is bad. I hope you enjoy playing this song- it's one of my favorites ever!

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